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Tips for Reception at Hotel Front Desk

2019/10/5 13:45:11
The definition of service is different from person to person. A receptionist should be able to see people, be obedient, and deal with unexpected situations flexibly. Say whether a person meets the requirements of this position, if only from the "standardization" aspect is not high, as long as you can recite the basic operation process, the above will say "OK".

Have a good idea of the size of the house
In the days before the arrival of the big booking, usually about a week, it is better to do statistics for the morning shift every day, to count all the available vacancies on the day when the hotel arrives at the big booking, and then hand over. This will give other colleagues a sense of what the hotel room is like.

Check carefully the records in stores and issuing cards every day
Often there will be room guests did not come back, if the main desk carefully checked the card issuance records, even if the room did not report overnight, it should also be able to find out the problem of room checking records operation, which should be as a practical process to persist in the main desk.

Profit is the root of our pursuit
What is the real pursuit of the brand? Brand? Standardization? Image or something else? But no matter what a big day you are, what an enterprise really pursues is "profit". Therefore, we must understand one thing for reception. Externally, we must keep our posture low, so that we can afford to throw money at our hotel.

Handover of reception at reception desk
The handover received by the front desk is divided into the handover between classes and the handover within classes. The front desk is the nerve hub of a hotel, and all kinds of information will be gathered to the front desk through announcements, and then dispersed to various functional departments.
As the reception of the main desk, we must do a good job in information flow. The core of the work of the main desk is not to open a room and settle accounts, but to flow information smoothly. So the core of your work is not how to stop runners, but how to transmit information accurately to where they should go.

Learn to communicate
In psychology, there is such a sentence: what the more people show off, the less they want. The more people hide what they are, the more they care about what they are.

Service and Principle Perspectives
The improvement of work efficiency must be based on a perfect system. Once the system is implemented, it must be carried out mechanically, otherwise the system will have no meaning. However, the system must be flexible and flexible. How to use the perfect system to enable employees to keep guests in the hotel is the first consideration of the Front Office Head Office System!

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