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How far is the Palace Museum 11 years away from Super IP?

2019/9/29 21:23:32
At present, the path of IP liquidation in the Forbidden City has not formed a closed loop, and the industrial chain is not complete. Walking in front of the new literary creation and mentioning the Forbidden City, many people's first reaction is not only the "red wall and yellow tiles" of the Royal palace. The "derivatives" of the Palace Museum cultural relics with a long history, historical figures who love "selling sprouts" and "making stalks" are all "circle powder sharp weapons" of the Palace Museum.
There is no doubt that "Forbidden City IP" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, from traditional culture IP to commercial realization, the Palace Museum has made many attempts along the way. Among them, Wenchuang of the Forbidden City has the widest audience and contributes the most to the revenue of the Forbidden City.
From the data point of view, the Forbidden City's creative "business" has done quite well.
By the end of 2018, the Palace Museum Wenchuang series products have reached 1 1936 kinds. In addition, on February 17 this year, the president of the Palace Museum, Shan Jiuxiang, said that the sales revenue of the Palace Museum Wenchuang reached 1.5 billion yuan in 2017, which exceeded the amount allocated by the state for the Palace Museum in 2018.
Not only that, the Palace Museum's discovery of IP is continuing. At the end of last year, the Palace Museum corner coffee will be officially opened, and the wallpaper of the main drawings of Qianli River Mountain Map once triggered a visit boom. During the Spring Festival this year, the Palace Museum held the Spring Festival exhibition "New Year greeting auspiciousness - the Forbidden City for the New Year", using digital projection, virtual images, interactive capture and other ways to promote traditional culture and the public. Interaction.
For a long time, the Forbidden City's literary products rely on cultural IP to increase the premium. However, when the product quality is not enough to support its functionality, it will inevitably bring users a very bad shopping experience.
Although the Palace Museum make-up is a well-deserved "net red", but the quality and price of products that do not match has made the Palace Museum make-up word-of-mouth "rush to the streets", and subsequently because of quality problems, the whole line of production has been suspended.
In IP liquidation, Walt Disney is the best. IP liquidation, generally speaking, has the paths of film and television, games, derivatives and advertisements. The best manifestation of IP liquidation is to use IP as a catalyst to find the demand points of a certain kind of people at a specific time and place, integrate traffic, users and products into one, and form a scenario solution.
Disney holds the Simpson family, Pixar animated film, Manway hero film, Star Wars series and Disney classic animated film in its hands; in the game area, IP is authorized to other game companies; Disney derivatives are divided into two categories, one is entity derivatives, including theme parks and posts. Lun, its theme park has been investing in expansion. The other is consumer derivatives such as daily necessities, including clothing, cosmetics, toys and dolls.
The integrity of Disney's I liquidation lies in the perfect layout of its industrial chain. At present, Disney's main business covers four areas: media network, theme parks and resorts, film and television entertainment, consumer goods and interactive media.
For the Forbidden City IP, derivatives liquidation is the most important way to realize it at this stage. How big can this market be? According to Disney's annual earnings, Disney's average annual revenue for consumer goods and interactive media sectors in fiscal 2014 is nearly 34 billion yuan. As of the third quarter of 2019, its revenue from consumer goods and interactive media business exceeded 40 billion yuan.
The Palace Museum still has a lot of room for growth to reach the scale of 40 billion market. However, Disney generally relies on IP licensing to achieve revenue. At present, the development of IP authorization in China is not mature and weak. According to the Annual White Paper of China's Authorization Industry in 2017, Museum authorization accounts for only 2% of China's IP authorization market.
Of course, unlike commercial companies, Forbidden City IP has not only commercial value, but also irreplaceable cultural value. How to maximize the commercial value while inheriting the cultural value is a difficult problem in front of the Forbidden City.

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