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Secondary Consumption of Theme Park

2019/9/20 9:27:08
In the first echelon of local theme parks, there is no strict prohibition for tourists to bring food (including drinks) into the park in the scenic spots of Songcheng Performing Arts Group (including Paradise) and Happy Valley of Beijing under OCT Group. Most theme parks in China, including scenic spots, will not prohibit tourists from taking out food, but they will basically remind tourists to pay attention to food safety and fulfill their duty of informing. Of course, there are also a small number of local theme parks that explicitly prohibit visitors from carrying food into the park, but in practice, it is not too real, let alone take "package inspection" and other acts.
The attraction of the product itself is still the key to the promotion of catering consumption in scenic spots. First of all, we should pay attention to the quality of food to make tourists feel delicious and distinctive. Secondly, we should pay attention to the feedback from tourists, constantly improve the quality of products and create brand. In the past two years, Hangzhou Paradise has introduced many brand restaurants, which not only reassure tourists about food safety, but also give tourists more rights to choose on their own initiative. In addition, the food with customized and unique attributes developed by the scenic spot can also stimulate tourists'desire to buy, and iron tapping needs its own hardness.
With the change of tourism standard from "feeling tourism" to "enjoying tourism", the competitive development of theme parks has gradually changed from "product is king" and "brand is king" to "experience is king". For tourists, the theme park is no longer a pure "trading" and "play" place, but an experience center that can cause "resonance" and "joy".
Scenic spots attach great importance to management, especially in the aspect of customer service, by improving the quality of service, to win the reputation of tourists. There is a strict system for the internal management of scenic spots. For example, all the goods are marked clearly, and most of the goods are limited. There is no reason to return the goods in the park. At the same time, 2 yuan water and other commodities are provided to meet the needs of tourists at different levels. In addition, all shops should sign a letter of guarantee of honesty and credit, carry out scoring system in their daily work, promote the improvement of service quality, strengthen customer service training, and strengthen staff service concept awareness, food, fire safety and other aspects. If tourists have any complaints, the scenic spots also have special personnel to receive follow-up, to ensure that the problem can be effectively solved.
The management and service of scenic spots need to firmly establish the "bottom line consciousness" and resolutely abandon the illegal and infringing on the rights and interests of tourists. This is the red line and bottom line that can not be touched in the management and service, and is the basic requirement rather than the highest standard. The management and service of scenic spots need to firmly establish the "tourists-oriented" service. Consciousness, on the premise of objective conditions permitting and not violating the principle, standing on the standpoint of tourists, to feel the mood of tourists, fully consider the consumption needs of tourists, make every effort to meet the demands of tourists, always put the satisfaction of tourists and the reputation of tourists in the first place; the management and service of scenic spots need to establish "quality and brand" all the time. Awareness, under no circumstances at the expense of damaging the brand image, to do everything possible to improve the quality of the first place, we must be deep-seated, all-round, multi-channel reform and innovation, rather than simply and crudely promulgating the "overlord clause" to solve the problem in a superficial way.
Whether theme parks or general scenic spots, their purpose is to provide tourists with places of leisure and tourism. Their job is to serve. Only by standing in the perspective of tourists, carefully considering the needs of tourists, grasping the law of consumption, and balancing the relationship between business and service, can the park realize the transformation and income increase.

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